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Do I need to be an established company to use Plutu?
Yes, Plutu is a service provided to local companies to facilitate the process of connecting various electronic payment methods in one dashboard.
What are the requirements that I must possess to benefit from the service?
Email, phone number, commercial register, license to practice the service, and authorization to sign contracts on behalf of the company through an official letter.
Do I need to have a merchant account on one of the electronic payment services ?
Yes, Plutu doesn’t provide initiation of new merchant accounts, you need to self visit them for registration, once successfully, you can use our services.
How is the subscription mechanism done?
Enter to the registration page and complete the steps, then go to the verification process, which is done by sending a set of documents that prove the eligibility of the company and that you are an authorized person behalf of the company.
Do you need a private developer to use Plutu?
No, you can install plugins easily, but you need to have administrator privileges to be able to install plugins in your store.
How is the payment mechanism in Plutu?
An invoice is issued at the end of each month, according to the value of the monthly income, and it is: 0.015 x the total monthly cash.
Is the price different for each payment method?
No, the percentage is fixed for all payment methods such as Sadad, Edfaaly, Moaamalat.
Does Plutu reduce the service tax imposed by multiple payment methods?
No, the payment service tax and the Plutu percentage are calculated separately.
What’s the maximum period should I not exceed in paying the bill?
The maximum period is 30 days from sending the invoice, after which your account will be suspended in case of non-payment and the account will remain recoverable until 60 days, then it will enter the stage of deletion and you will not be able to recover it after that.
Can I terminate the service at any time?
Yes, and a termination invoice will be sent for the remaining period that has not been paid, after which your account will move to termination directly, and you can reactivate it within a period not exceeding 60 days.
Does Plutu store my clients’ data and financial balances?
No, Plutu stores the data by which the merchant can identify each transfer, just to help him with the review and refunds.
Is Plutu a service provided by one of the providers of electronic payment methods?
No. Plutu is a service provided by the Libyan Spider Company, which is responsible for operating it.
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